Sebastian Otto Director of Photography

Hey! My Name is Sebastian Otto.

I'm a filmmaker and motion designer based in Leipzig, Germany. I started with a strong focus on 2D and 3D animation and for about 8 years now I have been standing behind the camera myself. I have worked on projects like image films for several international brands, aftermovies for events with houndreds of thousands of visitors and music videos for national and international artists.

I have clients in all kind of branches - companies, artists or organizers for events. I've already worked for adidas, Porsche, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Sony Music, FOSSIL, Marshmello, Alle Farben and many others.

In 2017, I started to create hyperlapses and since then I've been working in bigger productions as a hyperlapse operator. I've been continuously filling my social media platforms with this new form of content.

HyperHyperlapse is the ultimate masterclass for every photographer, filmmaker and content creator. If you're interested in the different, uncommon and underrated methods, the styles, what equipment you need and how I edit those super smooth shots, I am sure that in this tutorial you will learn how to create the cleanest Hyperlapses out there.

Ready to impress everybody with your unique knowledge from my tutorial?


For more information, including rates and availability, please email info@sbstn.tv or visit my website sbstn.tv.